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1) Light This is very important to any professional photographer! Without light we can not take a photo. For you're preparing yourself shots, don't get ready in a small dark space. Open the drapes (if you can) and let as much light in as possible. the loungeroom is normally the very best area. Move the furnishings around and make some area. Get eve… Read More

Stories of romance, catastrophe and mystery populate the nearly 200-year documented history of Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas. As early as the 1850s, homeowners of Austin frequently trekked to the mountain top for picnics and other activities. Considering that 1938 the top has been part of the 54-acre Covert Park, named for benefactor Frank Covert.… Read More

You're sitting in your easy chair, staring out the window at a lawn curtained in white, and trees bejeweled in ice. That obnoxious weatherman on your TELEVISION screen is laying another layer of gloom on your dark world: More snow is on the way.But with all the enjoyable activities, it is required to observe some caution. Keep in mind, whether you … Read More

Whether your are considering transferring to Austin or you have just recently moved here, this post is for you. Austin can be overwhelming initially so I put together practical details for individuals that are relocating to Austin.Visit your chiropractic practitioner. That's right, I stated chiropractor. Your immune system is inextricably linked wi… Read More